Boost Your Carrer with our Training Courses for Professionals

More than 10 courses that will help you grow professionally.

A New Way of Understanding the Transfer of Knowledge

Momo Communications  is a company that offers training and consulting solutions for companies that invest in people.


Our Commitment is to accompany our clients in the design and execution of the training plan for their company, offering tailor-made in-company and open training.

With our propietary model Interconect,  We determine the basis for the preparation of the training program that best meets the needs of our customers.

Our Differentiation  We offer an Interconect design model that allows us to establish the adequate bases for the design of training programs for our clients: from the evaluation of the company itself to the alignment of the objectives of the course with the strategic objectives of the company. 

Our Services

Professional Training and Development.

We work with people in the training and development of skills to obtain profitable business results and accelerate the success of companies.


Our training is aimed at companies, institutions and individuals

Information Technologies

We offer solutions in the field of new technologies. We help companies in the training of their personnel in computer skills; we also offer technological solutions for your offices.


Enter and know our services

Project Adivsory and Talent Adquisition.

One of the challenges that some organizations face is the hiring of skilled and adequate personnel for their organizations.

Our selection service helps to provide high profile personnel to those companies that are looking for the best.

Short Courses & Long Utility

Message from our CEO

Our goal is to make every moment an opportunity to learn; a rich and stimulating experience with a single objective: that both from the personal and professional point of view we achieve excellent and sustainable results in a challenging and digital environment.


Everyone agrees that we are experiencing a technological, economic and environmental revolution that is transforming the organizations, the management, the professions and the daily life of all of us.

Learning is more than ever determining. For all, it is a guarantee of professional agility and employability. For companies, it is a tremendous lever of transformation and performance. Therefore, we must turn it into a rich and challenging experience in order to be efficient.

 José A. César Momo - C.E.O     
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Our offices ar located in

Edificio Alquigesa, Ground floor

Malabo II, al lado de Geproyectos.

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