We are the leading company in training for the professional sector.

MOMOCOMMUNICATIONS is a company that offers training solutions for companies, organizations, public institutions. We also offer project advisory services and selection of qualified personnel for companies.


At MomoCommunications we work with people in the training and development of skills to obtain profitable business results and accelerate the success of organizations. We offer more than 5 areas of knowledge and a team of consultants to contribute to the success of your training plan. Form a group of people with in-house training or form a single person with open-plan courses, have a tailor-made accompaniment, access a certification or manage your training project.


We offer you profitable, simple, concrete, effective and fast application solutions for your training and development.

In-house Training

Our in-house training service is the answer to the need of our clients to train their employees in their own facilities. With this type of training, we rely on the facilities' own resources to give a more practical training experience on their own facilities.



- Groups of more than 5 participants

- Have a heated meeting room.

Open-plan Training

We offer the possibility of attending our training in our own facilities. With this in-house training the participants will have the opportunity to meet and share professional experiences and also allow them to network with other participants.

Contact Us

(240) 5555-7777-5


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Open 5 days a week:

Monday-Friday  9am-5pm


Our offices ar located in

Edificio Alquigesa, Ground floor

Malabo II, al lado de Geproyectos.

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